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Does the software you bought really do what you think it does? Is the code vulnerable to common attacks? Do you need to upgrade, but don’t know how big a task it is? We can audit your software, and help you to know exactly where you stand.

One of the most common problems we encounter when taking on existing software projects is that our customers don’t actually know the condition of their current software. It might look shiny on top, but a pretty interface could be hiding serious bugs that could damage your business.

We specialise in understanding old software and producing documentation so that you too can understand the true state of your project. If you don’t know what you’re holding on to, it can be impossible to plan for the future. Poorly written code could impact your business in a myriad of ways from slow performance, to confused and frustrated customers, to vulnerabilities which can expose you and your customers to significant risks and liability.

Identifying The Path Forward

Are you not sure if your old software can be upgraded or if it’s time to start from scratch? While we’ve encountered many software agencies that seem to believe that their code is the only worthy code, we believe that software which is working now is more valuable than future software that doesn’t yet exist.

We will review your code and identify the possible paths forward that you could take from upgrading in place, to a phased replacement, to completely new builds. Each of these will have their benefits or drawbacks, so we aim to help you to understand the real world implications of each approach. Sometimes replacing a dysfunctional system is the fastest way forward, but we don’t assume that it’s always the best option.

A Second Opinion

Sometimes all you need is an external expert to review your software and help you to verify that your product actually does what it says on the lid. This can help you to have a better understanding of the software that runs your business, and help you to have more productive discussions with your development team.

We bring many years of experience across several sectors so we may be able to shed light on problems or alternative solutions that your team hasn’t yet seen. This could be security holes that could lead to data loss, or just new tools that could add more certainty to your development process, or save you money.

A software audit is not an obligation to hire us for ongoing support or maintenance – it’s simply a process to get an independent opinion. We are also happy to review software during mergers and acquisitions to ensure that you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

What To Expect

Depending on the size of your software project and the goals of the audit, we will typically spend anywhere from one day to a week reviewing your software, and writing an easy to understand report. This report won’t just contain a list of problems that we find, but an overview of your software and the processes in place to maintain it. We’ll give you better insight and understanding of how your software is built, where it’s strong, and where the weaknesses might lie. It can help you to plan for the future, or guide your upgrade path.

When delivering the report, we also like to spend some time with you to discuss what everything means, and make sure that you’re not overwhelmed by jargon. We’ll rank potential actions based on impact and difficulty, so that you can chart a path forward.