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A week of planning can save you months of development costs. Determined Development can help you to plan your software so that you understand exactly what you need, and how it will work. Our Software Architecture process can help to discover your requirements, and better plan your business strategy.

What Is Software Architecture?

Software Architecture is the process of designing your software before a single line of code is written. Building software is time consuming, complex, and difficult to understand, so it helps to have a plan to work towards. Just like building a house, a project plan can help you to understand what exactly will be built, and ensure that it will meet your needs before it’s delivered.

We work with you at every step of the project so that you know exactly what will be built and how it will work. This will reduce delays in development, increase the reliability of the software, and allow you to plan your strategy before your software is completed so that you can hit the ground running.

Determined Development has grown to be a crucial developer of our online educational services. The software architecture, an important phase of any large IT project, has always been well-planned and carefully considered. We have also been extremely pleased with actual build of the products. The final product has always been to the highest of standards as well as within budget and on time.

Gerard Alford, Director, ITC Publications

Is Software Architecture Expensive?

In web development Software Architecture is often considered an unnecessary and overwhelming expense. In practice, we’ve found that it more than pays for itself in reduced development costs. Building without a plan leads to scope creep, and makes it almost impossible to accurately plan a project.

Our Software Architecture service, while a large initial cost, ensures that we can deliver software on time and on budget, without encountering unexpected surprises. We have found that projects that begin with Software Architecture are delivered on time, within budget, and better suit the needs of the client.

The advantages of Software Architecture go far beyond initial development savings. Well planned software is much cheaper to maintain and expand in the future because the project’s structure is consistent and clearly defined. The initial motivations are documented, the requirements are clear, and future developers can understand why instead of just how the software works.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

Do We Have To Use Determined Development To Build Our Software?

While we will already intimately know the details of your project we can provide our Software Architecture services for your business, even if we’re not your developer. We will produce all of the documentation, design, and requirements required for any developer to be able to build your project.

Our services can help you to discover requirements that you didn’t know you would have, and our experience can help you to better understand the goals of your software. Whether you are building the software with your own team, or outsourcing the work, we can help you to define exactly what and how your software should be built. This can help you to ensure that what gets delivered meets the specification exactly.