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Laravel is a leading PHP framework that allows us to build high quality, scale-able, and secure custom applications. With the power of Laravel, you can be sure that your software is built with modern tools that can be easily maintained well into the future.

Determined Development are experts at creating custom Laravel applications, no matter your requirements. From subscription services to complex management tools, we can help you to build it, manage it, and keep it running.

Why Should I Use Laravel?

Laravel is a feature packed modern framework, that is designed to make custom software fast. It provides a wide array of industry standard tools, that are secure, reliable, and easy to develop with.

Starting a new software project with Laravel means that a lot of the hard work in terms of security, scale-ability, and project structure has already been done – we can get right down to writing your software without re-inventing the wheel.

Using Laravel means that your software is built on top of the best practices, and can be built faster with fewer errors. This saves time and money, while giving you a higher quality final product that can be easily maintained well into the future.

How Can Determined Development Help?

We’re experts at creating custom software, and have been using Laravel as our preferred framework since 2014. We know how to build stable, reliable, and maintainable software that adheres to the best practices in the industry.

We can help you to design and construct software that is customised entirely for your specific business needs. We work to ensure that our Laravel code is tested, documented, and easy to work on. If you have an internal development team, we can get you started on the right foot, with a custom application and training for your team to take over development and maintenance.

I Already Have A Laravel Project – Can You Help?

Determined Development can help you to upgrade your existing Laravel software, audit the code, and get a clear path for future development and maintenance. We can work on your existing code, add new features and fix bugs.

If your existing software is built with Laravel, we easily figure out how it works, and get it up to scratch. Whether you need a small change, or a massive upgrade, we can help you out.

I Want To Upgrade My Existing Software To Laravel

Legacy software can be slow, insecure, and hard to maintain. Between high development costs, security problems, and structural problems, your old software could be costing you far more money than you know.

We can help you to upgrade your existing software to Laravel, ensuring that your code is fast, stable, and easy to maintain. If you have an existing development team, we can work with them to upgrade your software without losing features, customers, or revenue. We can get you moving on the right path towards a more secure, scale-able, and maintainable software future.